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It is our sincere hope that this toolkit serves as a useful resource for aligning the important work of the housing and education sectors to support mobility from poverty for children and families across the United States. This toolkit is intended to create greater awareness of the opportunities and challenges in bringing these two distinct sectors together, while providing the steps and resources to support these critical partnerships.

Throughout the toolkit, we have provided case studies of how local leaders in the housing and education sectors have come together around common goals and shared outcomes. These case studies offer a picture of the diversity and impact of cross-sector collaboration as it is implemented in communities across the country. This work is crucial in building support among elected officials, policymakers and the public to substantively transform the systems that have led to the inequities and racial disparities experienced by children and families nationwide.

Enterprise, in collaboration with StriveTogether, will continue to support the local efforts of housing and education partnerships and publish resources and tools for the housing and education sectors to use in this work. This collaboration will focus on engaging and aligning the two sectors around economic mobility from the ground up. Together, we can work to build the future that our children and future generations deserve.