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Appendix F

Shared Outcomes Discussion Guide

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Discussing Shared Outcomes

The following discussion or workshop facilitation guide covers a sample agenda for a meeting of individuals and organizations — including housing, education and other civic leaders — coming together across sectors to address housing and education challenges. Objectives for a discussion using this guide can include the following:

  • Understanding the housing and education landscapes in a given community or area of focus.
  • Understanding attendees’ perspectives on the community’s priorities, gaps and opportunities.
  • Informing ways to build stronger cross-sector relationships through shared outcomes.

It is important to tailor a discussion guide to your particular community and goals. Although this guide is intended for an approximately hour-long conversation with one or two stakeholders in an interview format, the guide can be shortened easily or adjusted based on the size of the group or the familiarity of participants with the discussion material.

Depending on the format of the discussion, a variety of roles can be needed to ensure a successful discussion, particularly when adapting these discussion questions to a workshop format. In an interview format, it is helpful to have one person serve as the note taker while another person serves as the discussion facilitator. The roles to consider for a workshop format include the following:

  • Presenter: Introduces topics, provides an overview of materials
  • Facilitator: Guides conversation and activities, makes suggestions or contributions when needed, engages participants
  • Note Taker: Captures notes from discussions or activities for the purposes of later review
  • Recorder: Writes notes from discussions or activities on poster paper, whiteboard or other readable format so that participants can see ideas in real time

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We encourage you to make this script your own. To edit the sample questions below, click the edit icon (look for the pencil) in the orange header above any section. Then click “edit” or “remove” on any row. You can add questions by typing into the blank rows at the bottom.

When you are finished updating the script, be sure to download, print, or share your guide directly with your colleagues and partners to continue the conversation.

Shared Outcomes Discussion Guide

Introduction - 5 minutes

[rkworkbook:guide-sectiontitle-0] - [rkworkbook:guide-sectiontime-0]

  • Section Title:
  • Estimated Time:

Information About Interviewee(s) or Workshop Participant(s) - 5 minutes

[rkworkbook:guide-sectiontitle-1] - [rkworkbook:guide-sectiontime-1]

  • Section Title:
  • Estimated Time:
  • Solicit the following information from each respondent:
  • [rkworkbook:guide-q1-1]
  • [rkworkbook:guide-q1-2]
  • [rkworkbook:guide-q1-3]
  • [rkworkbook:guide-q1-3a]

Organization Overview and Vision - 10 minutes

[rkworkbook:guide-sectiontitle-2] - [rkworkbook:guide-sectiontime-2]

  • Section Title:
  • Estimated Time:
  • [rkworkbook:guide-q2-1]
  • [rkworkbook:guide-q2-2]
  • [rkworkbook:guide-q2-2a]
  • [rkworkbook:guide-q2-3]
  • [rkworkbook:guide-q2-4]
  • [rkworkbook:guide-q2-5]
  • [rkworkbook:guide-q2-6]
  • [rkworkbook:guide-q2-6a]
  • [rkworkbook:guide-q2-7]
  • [rkworkbook:guide-q2-9]
  • [rkworkbook:guide-q2-10]
  • [rkworkbook:guide-q2-10a]
  • [rkworkbook:guide-q2-11]
  • [rkworkbook:guide-q2-12]
  • [rkworkbook:guide-q2-12a]

Data Collection and Tracking Within the Organization - 15 minutes

[rkworkbook:guide-sectiontitle-3] - [rkworkbook:guide-sectiontime-3]

  • Section Title:
  • Estimated Time:
  • [rkworkbook:guide-q3-1]
  • [rkworkbook:guide-q3-2]
  • [rkworkbook:guide-q3-2a]
  • [rkworkbook:guide-q3-3]
  • [rkworkbook:guide-q3-4]
  • [rkworkbook:guide-q3-4a]
  • [rkworkbook:guide-q3-5a]

Partnerships - 30 minutes

[rkworkbook:guide-sectiontitle-4] - [rkworkbook:guide-sectiontime-4]

  • Section Title:
  • Estimated Time:

Local Challenges

  • [rkworkbook:guide-q4-1]
  • [rkworkbook:guide-q4-1a]

Local Partnerships

  • [rkworkbook:guide-q4-2]
  • [rkworkbook:guide-q4-3]
  • [rkworkbook:guide-q4-4]
  • [rkworkbook:guide-q4-5]
  • [rkworkbook:guide-q4-6]
  • [rkworkbook:guide-q4-7]
  • [rkworkbook:guide-q4-8]
  • [rkworkbook:guide-q4-9]
  • [rkworkbook:guide-q4-9a]
  • [rkworkbook:guide-q4-10]
  • [rkworkbook:guide-q4-11]
  • [rkworkbook:guide-q4-12]
  • [rkworkbook:guide-q4-13]
  • [rkworkbook:guide-q4-13a]
  • [rkworkbook:guide-q4-13b]

Closing Out the Discussion

  • [rkworkbook:guide-q4-14]
  • [rkworkbook:guide-q4-15a]

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